It is pretty simple to paint a small piece of furniture in a day or over the weekend. This yard sale find was only $5! If I found this today, I probably would clean it up and left it as is to put in my younger son’s room. But at the time, I was looking for furniture for my office where I wanted white furniture with gold hardware. I used this to hold my printer on the shelf and copy paper in the drawer it was in the home office. It now holds kid’s books on the shelf, as well as, coloring/drawing items in the drawer. It is currently being used in my son’s bedroom.

Clean thoroughly. I use water, dawn and vinegar. Let dry. Sand (I used 150 grit). Wipe off all the dust. Prime using Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer in white. Spray paint using Krylon flat white. Spray thin coats, evenly as possible. It may take at least 4 coats. I don’t have during pictures with the flat white spray paint (sorry).

I used some leftover legs I had in the garage that came with a dresser.

Wipe metal legs clean. Again, prime with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer spray paint. Wipe off any dust between coats after it dries. Then I used Rustoleum Specialty Metallic Gold. Spray thin coats, evenly as possible. Let dry. Assemble legs to table and change out hardware. 


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