It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home. It took a while for me to get in the Christmas spirit but here I am. Since I had a slow start, this year I decorated in stages throughout the few weeks up until now.

On the first week of December we got the Christmas tree up and decorated it with ornaments that the boys made throughout the years and some of our other favorites. We switched out picture frames with family pictures to pictures of the boys from Christmas past and placed them back on the shelf, along with the beginnings of our collection of Christmas cards from friends and family. That was about as far as I got. Besides putting up the tree with the boys, I was just not feeling inspired to decorate. But it was all good.

On the second week of December we got a small remodel on the fireplace and tv nook. The back story to this is that a few days before Thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to check off one thing from my remodel/to do list. So I was able to plan a consult for after Thanksgiving and scheduled a remodel for the second weekend of December. It took one day for the initial work and then a few more days for patching… some more patching and drying…painting and drying. (I’ll have more on this, along with before and after pictures, in another post)

By the third week of December, I saw so many pictures of cabins, by the lake, surrounded by tall trees and deep snow. I’ve also browsed through many pictures of Scandinavian Christmas decor. There is just something magical and peaceful about both.

Photo Credit: @stevint via instagram

Photo Credit: Dwell Beautiful (collage) via Pinterest

While shopping for Christmas presents, the week before, I got some ivory pillows and throw blankets instead. lol. All of this inspired me to want to decorate again. I imagined a wintery white Scandinavian minimalist style Christmas. I went back to the attic and got the 3 mini trees, a wreath, 2 white faux fur stockings and brass metal reindeers I got from a yard sale. I’ve had all of these for years and they are still my favorites. I used a faux pine tree branch that I already had from a photo project and turned it into wreath. I knew I wanted to use real garland this year and was on the lookout for those but could not find them anymore at this point. However, I did know what finishing touches I wanted for the Christmas “feel” I envisioned. I got online and ordered some fake snow, fairy lights, felt ball garland and white velvet ribbon, cream knit stockings, 2 faux sheepskin rugs and (wait for it) another pillow.

It’s the fourth week of December and I am now sharing my Christmas decor with you. I finally scored some real tree trimmings this weekend. My weekend project was making garland for my mantel and doorway. I had enough trimmings left over to place in vases for my dining room table and bathroom. I used the rest of the trimmings to redo the wreath that I had on the front door. Here is the picture of the wreath before I got it on the front door.

By this time I had already received all the things I ordered online and gradually decorated as they came in, sans garland. I finally got the garland on the mantel. I added the fairy lights, a few white ornaments from the tree, pine cones, and the felt ball garland that I ordered online. The ivory knit stockings were hung by the fireplace with care. Along with white faux fur stockings that were already there. 

I worked with some vases and baskets and trays that I already had out around the house. I hung up my diy wreath  and garland in the dining room. We can’t wait for good times with our family and friends. They will be here for an early Christmas dinner soon.

I love decorating with this fish bowl vase. This time I turned it into a “snow globe”. I added fake snow and a mini tree. I wrapped fairy lights around the mini tree. It has a battery pack (with a timer too) so I can put it anywhere and turn on the lights without having to plug it in an outlet. I added these fairy light to all three of the mini trees, my wreath on the shelf and the garland on the mantel. 

It’s very delightful and gives me the warm and fuzzy feels when I turned on all the Christmas fairy lights and the cozy fireplace. I’m channeling that hygge life. haha. There is it! A Minimalist (kind of) Wintery Wonderland Christmas Home Tour! Thanks for visiting!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!





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