The day before we left town for Thanksgiving I randomly decided that I wanted to check one thing off of my  remodel/to do list. That is to remodel the fireplace and tv nook. I must’ve been thinking about decorating the mantel and decorating in general for Christmas, when we got back from Thanksgiving vacation. I immediately texted my friend/home remodeler (who helps us with all of our remodel projects) to schedule a consult after we got back in town. This weekend we were able to get a new fireplace!

For the tv nook, I wanted to remove the trim and drywall the top part of it. It was originally built for those old square clunker tvs over a decade ago. For the fireplace, I wanted to remove the “elaborate” trim as well. I also wanted to make it look chunkier. I wasn’t set on any one design. I just knew I wanted it to be simple, modern and chunkier. After we removed all the trim, leaving the flat pieces, we added a flat piece of wood right under the top part of the mantel. Then we added straight trim around the top mantel and the bottom of the flat piece we added. We added a piece of wider wood over the sides of the fireplace to make it chunkier looking on the sides as well. Then we added one more piece of narrow straight trim right under the bottom of the mantel. I thought it was perfect and we stopped right there.  It was so much to design we go. I love the results! Although it’s simple, I have yet to see a mantel exactly like this one. That’s also why I love it so much. I do want to replace the tile with either marble like quartz, white tile or black slate. I haven’t decided quite yet what I like the most, so I will leave the tile for now. I do love the modern mixed with classic details of the house. Also, I am glad to get one more thing checked off of my remodel to do list.

When we first moved in 12/2015

Updated 12/22/17 fireplace decorated for Christmas


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