Materials needed

1 faux pine tree branch

floral wire

white velvet ribbon

3m hooks

Equipment needed

wire cutters

For the wreath

Take your pine tree branch and bend it to make a circle and the bottom branch extends to the somewhere on top of the branch where it can be connected. P.S. Choose faux trimming that has wire under the stems so that it is easy to bend and shape. I got this one faux tree branch in the floral center at Hobby Lobby.

Take the floral wire and wrap the bottom end of the branch onto another part of the branch so that the shape will stay. Use wire cutters to cut the floral after you have securely wrapped the branch into a circle shape. Move around the branches and reshape until you are satisfied. Wrap with floral wire anywhere you would like to keep certain branches in place and keep the shape you desire.

When you are finished with the wreath. Find a place where you want to hang the wreath. Use 3m hooks and attach it place as per instructions on the back of the package. When the hook is ready, hang wreath inside the clip of the hook. P.S. When choosing the branch or hook, be sure that the branch fits in the size of the hook.

For the ribbon

For the tail of the bow, hang and measure how long you want the tail of the bow to be. Cut one piece of ribbon to the length want. For the bow, fold ribbon to the width you want the bow to be, leaving about an inch overlap on each side. Cut another piece of ribbon for that width. Hold bow into place and at the center of the bow with floral wire. For bow center, tie a knot with ribbon leaving some slack that can wrap and tie around the bow, tail and floral wire. Cut that measured piece for the bow center. Cut floral wire that is long enough to wrap onto hook and secure bow into place. Wrap bow center knot around the bow, tail and some floral wire. Tie a know in tie back. Wrap the floral wire onto the hook and tuck under and behind ribbon.

The elf approves.

Updated picture (12/22/17): After I got some real tree trimmings. The faux wreath looks great with the real garland and center piece. 




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