Hi again! For those of you that have been wondering about the progress of our kitchen renovation. I’m back with a recap and update.


The cabinets were painted white.

The middle wall was knocked down. We had bought a new  microwave (specifically, a countertop) to replace the microwave that was mounted in the middle wall.

The refrigerator went out so we went ahead and bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher. The dishwasher was going out at any day.


The large wall is patched up and repainted.

We reused the upper cabinets that were hanging on the middle wall as lower cabinets on the other side of the wall. We had a built-in shelf added that extended to the edge of the wall. The had plywood added to cover the space below the bar top area and the side to the side of the shelf so that it looks seamless.

All the cabinets doors are back up. We added new hardware on the cabinets.

We cleared out one of the lower cabinets and added a shelf to store the new microwave.

We ordered the sink but it’s now sitting in the garage and we returned a faucet because we got the wrong one and there was not any more of the one we ordered.

What’s next and why is this renovation not finished yet?

We need countertops, after that we will able to add the sink, faucet and backsplash. Oh and obviously, we need still a new stove. We are at a stand still on the countertops. Because $$$$$… Let’s say it was way more than what we anticipated. Yes more than my “splurge” budget. Also, we need more material ( 3 slabs instead of 2 slabs) than expected. It’s because we knocked down the wall and I want the countertop to extend all the way over the new cabinets that we reused and mounted on the other side of the wall. We got a second price quote on what it would cost to use 2 slabs of material instead of 3 slabs. We would also have to remove the cabinets that we wanted to reuse and put it elsewhere. There is no other place where we could put these cabinets, but we wanted to keep the storage. We decided to keep our original plan and leave the cabinets where they are. I will also be looking for more options for countertops. We have no set time on when we need to finish the kitchen. It’s functional, at least. Here is what the kitchen currently looks like now. I hope to have report back to you soon.

Work in progress…


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