You guys, I can’t believe how fast this year has just gone by. Soon it will be officially fall. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I usually have the urge to clean out my closets. As I am putting my summer clothes away and bringing out my sweaters, I am inclined to start purging my closet of things I no longer wear or like. Just like spring cleaning, I like to do a fall cleaning. Today, I am going through my closet, AGAIN. 

Here are ways I determine if I keep, toss, sell/donate any in my closet: 

Keep if 

I wear it often

I love it

I like it, don’t wear it often, but not ready to toss yet (because it’s not do or die, go at your own pace) 

I have one tote that I put on a shelf for seasonal clothes. I switch out sweaters and long sleeve shirts in the fall/winter with bathing suits and shorts summer dresses in the spring/fall. I limit myself to one tote for seasonal clothes. If it’s over flowing I usually have things that I were a “like it, but don’t wear it often” that I’ll just go ahead leave out. My dress clothes and pants, I leave hanging. 

Toss if

It has stains and holes

Sell/Donate things that are in good condition, if..

I just don’t like it anymore 

It doesn’t fit 

I have many duplicates (keep favorite 1 or 2) 

I kept it the last time I did a closet purge and still never wore it 

I have not worn in a year

Sell it if you don’t mind spending the time and effort to do so. Have a yard sale. You can also sell your things online. I know there are a lot of active local yard sale groups on Facebook where you can sell your things. My kids’ school has a school wide yard sale every September to benefit the school. Families donate their stuff and all the money raised goes to the school. Now that’s been the greatest motivation for me to really purge in the fall!  

Donate it if you don’t want to mess with selling it. Go on and take your things to a donation place right away. Whatever you do, do not let it come it back into the house. 

Closet purging can typically be an ongoing thing. However, my personal goal is to keep a minimalist wardrobe so that it eventually won’t be such a trying task as it has been. I can edit and replace as I go, but I don’t need to add too much more than a certain amount of pieces. I have been intentional about buying more timeless and versatile pieces. I have set aside my “everyday wear” and have noticed that I reach for and wear the same things. So I keep that in mind when I purge the things I haven’t worn in while. No matter what stage you’re at or your wardrobe preference, it is always great to clear out things you’re not using. Free up your space and mind. Get a fresh new start with each changing season. 


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