We knocked down the wall today! Yay! I’ve always wanted an open concept kitchen. In our 2 previous houses, that was not possible. Although, we will be losing a little bit of top storage. I’ve already planned how I can rearrange everything so that it will flow and still work for us.

We remounted the larger upper cabinets along the other side of the wall, at the same level as the lower cabinets. In the cabinets that we moved to other side of the wall, I plan on storing things that I don’t need on a daily basis. Such as wine glasses, champagne glasses and server platters that we use when we entertain.

As you can see we also lost the over the range microwave. We cleared out one of the lower cabinets and added a wider shelf to hold the a new microwave.

Here are some pictures of the process. What do you think about knocking down walls?Yay or Nay?

That was a good 1 day project for the weekend. We are scheduled to have some of our appliances delivered in a couple of days. We are also scheduled to have someone come look at what we have done so far and give us an estimate on our countertops. I will keep you updated. Thanks for visiting!


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