Well the refrigerator went out last night. Whomp whomp. My husband dropped off the kids at school this morning and then looked online for some possible choices and current deals. He found that Sears had the best prices still. We actually got our appliances from Sears for a kitchen renovation at our previous house, 3 years ago. We were happy with the experience and purchase. So it was an easy choice. I digress. So we headed to Sears. We picked out a refrigerator and went ahead and got a dishwasher. We know the dishwasher is on its’ last leg as well. We also purchased a mini fridge to use for the time being until our refrigerator is delivered. (4 days from today) We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation so my husband was looking around and window shopping anyway. Although, we were not planning on getting the appliances until further down the renovation process. We also spotted the type of stove we will need for the new kitchen online, but we will have to wait on purchasing the stove. I went ahead and included the stove that are planning to get. We chose to get a stove with the downdraft vent so that we will not have to add a hood/air vent above the stove. So that was the splurge I had planned for to keep the kitchen space open. Also my husband found a microwave on sale while he was at Home Depot, looking for plugs for the dishwasher. 





So there you have it…The kitchen appliances we chose for our kitchen renovation.



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