I am very excited to be able to start on a kitchen renovation at our house. Yay! I’m always looking at everything design. I pretty much have redesigned this house, in my head, the moment we considered buying it. I enjoy seeing the new kitchen trends with different colored cabinets gray, black, navy, green. Brass (kinda new) and black hardware. I’m feelin’ it… I’m feelin’ it.

credit: @elizabethlawsondesign instagram

credit: @heidilachepelleinteriors instagram

credit: @jillianharris instagram

But ya know, I still got love for an all white kitchen. There is just something about an all white kitchen that can’t be beat. That bright, open airy, so fresh and so clean feel is what I want to exude in my own home. I think I’m going to stick to a white kitchen and enjoy the new trends via instagram for now.

credit: @studiomcgee instagram

I am really drawn to a very modern minimalist style home. I love the thought of replacing these cabinets all together with plain sleek lacquer cabinets and bringing in a more modern look in the mix.

credit: @homeadore instragram

I also really love the shaker style or shaker style like cabinets. I am thinking of refacing our existing cabinets. It is very versatile so it can work with many styles such as modern, classic, farmhouse, rustic, etc.

credit: @studiomcgee instagram

The current cabinets in our house are very traditional. I didn’t like them at all at first and I really wanted to reface them with a shaker style cabinets that would work well with a modern and classic kitchen. I am really considering to just have them painted so that we can save a lot of money on the cabinets. Then we can splurge on countertops and appliances.

credit: @coastalinteriors instagram

So those are our choices. Replace, Reface or Paint. What should we do? That is the question. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.


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