As I write, the kitchen cabinets are getting painted white right now! Gheee! In my previous post, I was deciding if I should replace, reface or paint our kitchen cabinets. Here is why I decided to have our existing traditional cabinets painted.

The style of the house and existing traditional details.

When we first moved in this house, we wanted to paint the walls right away. I decided to add some window pane molding in the breakfast/dining room. We also added window pane molding in hall stairway. I thought it would add some character to our little cookie cutter house as well as make it easier to wipe away any little messes. We matched the molding that was already in the formal dining room which is actually my home office. So in keeping with the traditional look, I’ll keep the traditional cabinets and roll with it.

For future resale value.

Just for future resale, I believe that are more people looking for a classic home in our area in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As much as love I shaking things up in design, I would like to keep every detail that comes with this house classic and traditional. I will use furniture and accessories to bring in modern bohemian flair, rustic, industrial (really whatever I feel) look in our house.

It saves the most money, so I can splurge elsewhere.

I do still love the thought of replacing the cabinets with a shaker style doors and drawers. I believe it would work well with the existing style of the house. However, painting saves a lot more money…and I love to save money, duh. Also, I’m predicting that I will have to splurge on some appliances considering my plans for the kitchen. (More on that later)

I can’t wait to see how it turns out and share with you!




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