As promised from my asian chicken noodle soup post, I’m now doing a post on how to make homemade chicken noodles. Making it fresh makes such a big difference to me. Ahh, it’s so good! I always loved it when my mom made it for us. I’ve been telling her I need to learn how to make it from her. But she just spoils us and brings them over already made and we never got around to setting time to cook together. One night, I was just thinking about how much my youngest son loves these noodles and thought I really want to learn how make it myself.  Instead of calling my mom that late, I googled Cooking with Nana on you tube. Thanks Nana. We tried it for ourselves for the first time and it was a success. I happened to have pictures from this moment on my phone so I didn’t have to really cook for this post. hehe. I’ll try to add pictures of the packaged ingredients soon.

Homemade noodles 


2 bag tapioca starch 

1 rice flour 

Cooking Instructions

In a large mixing bowl add 1 bag tapioca starch and 1 rice flour. Mix together. 

In a large pot, boil 6 cups of water and then turn off after its boiling hot.

Scoop and pour in 3 cups of water into mixing bowl with the tapioca starch and rice flour. Mix together well with a mixing spoon. Add the remaining 3 cups of water and mix together more. Be careful! Be sure to mix with a mixing spoon and do not use your hands to mix yet until it has cooled down. When all is fully mixed and is in a dough form, you are ready to roll the dough. Use the second bowl of tapioca starch and sprinkle/spread on a cutting board. Take a hand full of dough and place on cutting board. Roll dough flat with rolling pin. Keep adding tapioca starch as you go to prevent dough from sticking.

Cut flatten dough into long noodle strand like pieces. Repeat until all the dough is cut into noodle form. 

Now you are ready to make some chicken broth.

Head over to my post for asian chicken noodle soup to get the chicken broth recipe.


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