This boys room is for a colorful, fun and lively little boy. This room suits my little one.

When we first moved in my little boy was confused and didn’t believe that this room was his room. He said, “Say whaaat? This is pink, it’s a girl room. I had to explain to him that we can paint it any color we want. He was so ready and excited to paint his room. The paint is by Benjamin Moore in “smoke gray”. My favorite part and the focal point of the room is the diy headboard. I wanted something he can grow into and could use for long time. I would’ve love this headboard for my own room. It was actually in his brother’s room from our previous house and we got this platform bed from his cousin. He always gets their hand me downs. We gave his crib/toddler bed to a friend that just had her baby at the time. We like to reuse and give as much we can.

After we got custom shelves in the living room and my tween boy’s room, we just had to have some for my little boy’s room. It is perfect to display his favorite books. He just picks one off the shelves before bedtime and puts it right back when we are done reading. I kept those letters from his 1st birthday party for his bedroom decor. Look at those adorable little lego transformers again. Custom made by his dad. He is so proud of them.

The end table is a yard sale find ($5). I painted it and changed out the hardware and the legs. I have a before picture somewhere of this end table that I will have to show another time. It was originally for my home office which has white and gold so I will tweak it a little if I decide to keep this in his room. It is perfect to store more books. We keep his construction paper, crayons, markers and colored pencil boxes in the drawer. He loves to draw and make everything with paper. Oh and masking tape.

The triangles duvet cover, train chevron pillow, train tray are all from my collection sold at Deny Designs. The train chevron pillow sham came as a sheet set which we bought when my son had a toddler bed (I bought the twin size). Of course, when we upgraded to a queen bed we couldn’t fit the twin sheet anymore. However, we were able to use the other pieces from this collection. There are also many other products in these prints. If you’d like, free to take a look at my full collection. The fabric garland is a quick diy project that my oldest son and I made with leftover fabric. We had a lot of this in his nursery/toddler boy room in our previous house. I will show how we reused them in another post.

I hope to see back again.



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