Interior: Home Tour – Tween Boy Room

When we were picking out paint. I asked my son what color he wanted in his room. He immediately said black. His recently new favorite color at the time and now is black. It use to be blue and then red. I was taken back for a second, but I thought ” I love that”. When I showed him black paint swatches, he pointed at Benjamin Moore “universal black” before I finished my sentence. Ha. There’s that.

I really like the charcoal upholstered bed with silver nailheads. A friend of mine loved this so much, she got this for master bedroom when she saw it in my boy’s room. It looks great as master bedroom too. I think he can use this for a long time without outgrowing the style or it being outdated, and I am ok with that. At least I hope that’s the case. There is something about white sheets and comforters that is so…well comforting to me. That’s my go to for the rooms. I will have to accessorize with more pattern and color soon. 

I  needed some accessories to warm up the all the black and white. My good friend custom made these floating shelves that love so much. I love them even more when I vacuum room and not have to move furniture around to vacuum under it. The lamps are another yard sale find. They were $5 each, though I’m not sure how I remember this. I bought them when I first got married and was looking for cheap accessories for our house. They were once outdoor tea oil lamps. (?) We eventually added a light kit to make them functional lamps.

I painted this painting when my son was just learning to say “I love mommy” and “I love daddy”. He would say it all the time and that’s all he would say. I was trying to fill up a gallery wall in our living room with some artwork but didn’t know what to paint. sooo…that is how I wound up with this gem. haha. 

Can we talk about these lego transformers for a minute? My husband (yes I said my husband, lol) uses a program to figure out how and which lego pieces you need to put together to make these transformer guy actually transform. Cool, right? I guess that’s where my boys get it from. They love legos and building cool things.

My wish list: A round mirror above the bed. A decorative pillow of some sort would be nice.


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