Interior: Home Tour – My Dining Room

Welcome back to another home tour at the La family house. Here we are in our “dining room”. It’s our eating area in our kitchen. Our official dining room is my home office. There is not much to see here. Literally. Minimalist style. Yes. 

The first thing I wanted to do was paint the walls. It’s the easiest to freshen up an old house and make it our own. We painted the walls in Benjamin Moore “distant gray”. We went ahead and added picture frame molding at the bottom and paint it a gloss finish, while we were painting walls. Mainly because I wanted to easily to wipe off any mess that got on the walls. Well at least the bottom part. haha. I’ve had this table for 5 years now. I still love it. I literally sold 2 of them without even trying to family member/friend who visit in the house. It looks great in their homes as well and they did a great job adding the chairs and benches that fit their style and home. So it’s very versatile in style. I like the mix traditional/rustic look if it. Is the highest quality table around? No, it’s not all real wood. Although, it’s held up well for what it is. I have a lot of rowdy messy boys in and out of my house so that says alot. It is a great price for designer on budget. You can join the email list and catch a good sale on these. The bench is easy for kids to get in and out. It works well with the table without being matchy. The Louie clear chairs add a modern touch that I love. Honestly, the two arm chairs ended up there when we moved in because that’s the only chairs we had. So I got the other 4 chairs to go with what I had. I like that it’s see through and doesn’t block any natural light that comes through the window.

Just a simple accessory and greenery is all that was needed for the minimalist look I wanted. The tray is from goodwill. We just put napkins on it because they are a must to have near with messy boys eating at the table. I wanted to bring some greenery really quick so I picked some off a bush from my front yard and put them in a simple glass vase I had. 

I love the light and airy feel with wood to warm up the space. I have been debating about putting something on the walls… but what? The spaces on the back wall are not balanced so I didn’t put up my set of 2 wood wall art that I had. I could put one on the left side of the window and the wall along the side of the table. I’m debating if it would be too much wood and take away the light and airy feel. Should I add artwork? I will be on the look out for something special. Should I keep it clean and minimal as is? What do you think? 

My wishlist:  A new chandelier. 

I’m debating about respraying the one I had at my old house and get a longer lighting kit to accommodate for the high ceilings in the new house. You can see my diy chandelier on instagram. (from 155 wks ago. lol) 

I feel like something with wrought iron would work best at the moment. I have some in mind that I have added below. Which one should I choose? 



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