DENY Designs’ Rebecca shows her love for “Unwavering Love”

DENY Designs’ blog introduces DENY @ Home. They give us an inside look into homes of people in the DENY Designs family.  The article about Rebecca, their Artist Relations Manager, just makes me smile. As you know, I am an artist for DENY Designs and have the pleasure of working with Rebecca. Her genuine care for the artists and enthusiasm really shines through in this article. When asked what piece of art she is lovin on DENY right now, she said Unwavering Love by Vy La. Needless to say I was very delighted by that answer. Thanks Rebecca and I’m lovin you right now! Check out Rebecca’s lovely home and more about her awesomeness here.denydesigns blogdenydesigns blog2


If you are lovin’ Unwavering Love check out my shop on DENY Designs.



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